Pastoral Depression and Suicide

Last week, a post was shared around Facebook about a pastor in California who had committed suicide. Many lamented at how young and successful he seemed. My first reaction when I saw it, however, was not, “Oh no I can’t believe it.” Instead, it was “There goes another one…” As a pastor in ministry for […]

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My Top 5 Books in 2017

What better way to bring in the new year than by breaking my blogging hiatus with a post on my favorite books in 2017? Be forewarned, I am a pastor and Doctor of Missiology student, so as such, my favorite books tend to be in that category of reading. Also, books are to pastors as […]

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The Trump in All of Us

On election day, I went to bed saddened by Trump’s overwhelming win in the race for President. I had been fearful for this election for some time, not just because of Trump, but because there was no presidential candidate I could in good conscience root for. But the burden I felt didn’t quite settle in […]

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A Letter to My Students

This past weekend, our church wrapped up our summer day camp ministry, “CampToons”, a 6 week day camp we put on for children K-8 from our church and our neighborhood. Our 70+ staff took care of 250+ children, teaching them the Gospel and displaying Jesus. As many of my students spend today processing their summers, preparing […]

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3 Signs of Maturity in Christ

When I was in college, my schedule was full of events and activities with my church and campus ministry. Being on the leadership teams of both meant I was occupied Monday through Sunday. Though this characterized one of my busiest seasons, spiritually, I often look back at those years as my most enjoyable, spiritually. But […]

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5 Methods of Personal Devotionals

This is the third post in a series on “Building a Better Devotional.” In this series, I talk about the Christian’s devotional life, and give tips on how to build a better devotional. Other posts in this series can be found here. For more articles related to devotionals and hermeneutics, click the side bar menu under “Devotionals & Hermeneutics.“ […]

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