The Privilege of Single-Issue Voting

In recent weeks there have been numerous church leaders and pastors speaking out on their various views concerning the impending election day and the “Christian vote”. Some have seemed to straddle the middle, some have denounced the President for his failure to uphold Christian values in his character and demeanor; but most have predictably landed […]


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Pastoral Depression and Suicide

Last week, a post was shared around Facebook about a pastor in California who had committed suicide. Many lamented at how young and successful he seemed. My first reaction when I saw it, however, was not, “Oh no I can’t believe it.” Instead, it was “There goes another one…” As a pastor in ministry for […]

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My Top 5 Books in 2017

What better way to bring in the new year than by breaking my blogging hiatus with a post on my favorite books in 2017? Be forewarned, I am a pastor and Doctor of Missiology student, so as such, my favorite books tend to be in that category of reading. Also, books are to pastors as […]

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The Trump in All of Us

On election day, I went to bed saddened by Trump’s overwhelming win in the race for President. I had been fearful for this election for some time, not just because of Trump, but because there was no presidential candidate I could in good conscience root for. But the burden I felt didn’t quite settle in […]

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A Letter to My Students

This past weekend, our church wrapped up our summer day camp ministry, “CampToons”, a 6 week day camp we put on for children K-8 from our church and our neighborhood. Our 70+ staff took care of 250+ children, teaching them the Gospel and displaying Jesus. As many of my students spend today processing their summers, preparing […]

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3 Signs of Maturity in Christ

When I was in college, my schedule was full of events and activities with my church and campus ministry. Being on the leadership teams of both meant I was occupied Monday through Sunday. Though this characterized one of my busiest seasons, spiritually, I often look back at those years as my most enjoyable, spiritually. But […]

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